The relocation of executives and their families is a fact of life in the corporate world today. Employee mobility ensures that companies engage the best people for the job or project.

However a move to a new city from interstate or the other side of the world - can mean a major upheaval in the personal life of the executive and his or her family. The family must find a new home, new schools for the children, make new friends and social contacts and become accustomed to a whole new lifestyle. The sooner the family settles down, the sooner the executive will be working productively.

That's where Relocation Resources can help.

Relocation Resources has been operating as a specialised relocation services since 1987. Since then, Relocation Resources has assisted almost 4000 company personnel and their families assimilate into their new community of Perth Western Australia. The head office of Relocation Resources is located in Perth with an office in Brisbane, partners in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Darwin and links to 40 countries worldwide.


Relocation Resources in one of Perth's longest established relocation consultancies with a client list which includes some of Western Australia's most prominent companies.


Our well-trained, friendly consultants have a sound knowledge of Perth real estate which enables us to place clients into suitable rental or purchased accommodation quickly and efficiently. We can source suitable properties before they come onto the general market and have valued skills in the negotiation of leasing agreements. Our consultants also have extensive knowledge of private and government education options in Perth and have helped hundreds of children to settle happily into their new schools, in both the private and government school systems.


Kim Farley has lived in Perth, Western Australia all her life and has held administrative positions in Perth's corporate world over more than 20 years. She has also raised a family and has therefore had first-hand exposure to the needs of all family members in the work, educational, social and homemaking spheres. This background, coupled with a warm, nurturing personality which instantly puts people at ease, makes her uniquely qualified to help new arrivals to Perth assimilate into their new lifestyle.


Relocation Resources has a large staff of fully trained consultants who have a comprehensive knowledge of Perth. Many of the consultants have experienced the difficulties that can accompany a business transfer, and all have first hand knowledge of Perth's education system. They are also trained to be aware of the emotional element of relocating. Their broad range of skills enables clients to settle into their new home, community and lifestyle in the shortest possible time enabling the working partner to be efficient in their new appointment.